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KSBR News Briefs on Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Brown, lawmakers celebrate bipartisan cap-and-trade victory

Our state’s signature initiative to fight global warming will get another decade of life after lawmakers from both parties joined Gov.  Brown in extending the law credited with reducing our state's carbon footprint.

Last night's votes to renew our state’s cap-and-trade program bolster the Democratic governor's quest to portray our state as a leader in the fight against climate change. At a bipartisan celebratory press conference following the vote, members from both parties noted the contrast with Washington, where Republicans have struggled to pass legislation and have taken a skeptical view of regulations to combat greenhouse gases.

The three-bill package now heads to Brown's desk.

Brown has sought to offer the state's cap-and-trade program as a model that can be reproduced in other states and even nations to reduce carbon emissions and combat rising temperatures.

Brown portrays the initiative, which would have ended in 2020 without legislative action, as essential for the survival of civilization. Extending it has been one of his highest priorities as he nears the end of his fourth term.


Dana Point

The Dana Point City Council tonight is expected to announce the city’s new City Manager.

Mayor Debra Lewis says the city has been operating without a permanent one since November when Doug Chotkevys resigned in lieu of termination. He had held the position for 15 years. Assistant City Manager Mike Killebrew has been serving as Acting City Manager.

Lewis says after an extensive statewide search, the Council will name the person who has been hired.

Tonight’s City Council meeting begins at six.


San Juan Capistrano

The San Juan Capistrano City Council tonight will discuss whether it wants to proceed with the Verdugo Street beautification project, or whether it wants to reduce its scope, to reallocate funds for street repair.

Mayor Kerry Ferguson says there’s nearly two million dollars that have been budgeted for the project and during the city’s budgeting process there was some discussion to reallocate some of its funds.

She says a lot of streets are crumbling and in need of repair such as Camino Capistrano between Costco and Stonehill Drive.

Tonight’s City Council meeting begins at five.


Lake Forest

The Lake Forest City Council tonight may agree to rename Village Pond Park to Veterans Park and use Heroes Park for special events to honor fallen heroes.

Mayor Scott Voigts says veterans would be honored at Veterans Park.

And events at Heroes Park would be scheduled to honor fallen sheriff’s deputies, firefighters and Lake Forest military personnel.

He says the Council may provide direction to staff regarding potential park enhancements.

He says in other business, the Council will talk about options for a right turn only lane on eastbound Bake Parkway at Trabuco Road to alleviate traffic on Bake Parkway. He says the traffic is coming from the new Baker Ranch Community.

Tonight’s City Council meeting begins at six.


 San Clemente

The San Clemente City Council tonight could give final approval to a proposed ordinance that would ban aggressive solicitation.

The agenda report indicates there’s been an increase in aggressive solicitation in the city that has become extremely disturbing and disruptive to residents and businesses.  The behavior has contributed to not only the loss of access to and enjoyment of public places, but also an enhanced sense of fear, intimidation and disorder.

Under the ordinance, no person shall solicit in an aggressive manner in any public place. And that includes approaching, speaking to, or following a person, if that conduct is intended or likely to cause a reasonable person to fear bodily harm to oneself or to another person, damage to or loss of property or otherwise be intimidated into giving money or other thing of value.

Tonight’s City Council meeting begins at six.